These are the gardens of the desert - William Cullen Bryant

Und wenn der Mensch in seiner Qual verstummt,
Gab mir ein Gott zu sagen, was ich leide.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Marienbader Elegie

(And if tormented humanity is dumb,
some god has given me the voice to tell of what I suffer.)

Sitting in my tent in the desert, waiting for you to come in,
to wash your feet, to provide you with food and a place to rest.
Come in, rest and relax.
Tomorrow, when the sun rises, start exploring the horizons!

Note: these are samples only. The collections include more poems. The poems are written directly in various languages. Except for few translations identified as such, there are no copies of these poems in other languages. I may do cross translations at some time in the future.
Most of the poems in languages other than Arabic are not yet print-ready. They may contain errors and need some editing.
If you wish to publish or broadcast these poems, you may do so, but please let me know, inform me of your plans and give credit to this website.
Some of the sections are still empty. I am adding content frequently.

Poems in Arabic - I
Early Poems - First Poems

This section is still empty. I will soon start uploading samples of these poems.
Because I consider 1988 the year when I seriously started to write poetry, I call these poems early or first poems. There are dozens of these poems, all in Arabic. They cover almost twenty years during which I didn´t consider myself a poet but a project of a writer. In hindsight, it seems I was in a transition from shortstory writer to a poet (until then, I identified myself as shortstory writer and had published shortstories). I did not attribute any special importance to these poems. That is why only very few of them were sent to magazines for publication. I suspect there are more of these poems from my Baghdad Period (1962-1968) in the notebooks I left in Iraq. I have no access to those notebooks. I don´t know whether they still exist.
These are poems of variable quality, somehow naive, some are loose and need to be compacted, yet all have an air of originality and freshness. I was more concerned with pouring everything on paper than crafting works of art. I will upload them as they are without changes or "updating".
The two poems from 1964 have some significance: they represent my first poetical "explotion", on the other hand, together with poems by other poets of that period, they went into contemporary history of Iraqi poetry as the first porductions of what was later to be called the Movement of the Sixties.
All in all, these poems represent the sources of my poetry, they are all rebellious, at times simple yet original, written by a person who did not claim to be a poet. These are poems that reflect remarakable years of growth, confusion, radical views, and intensive search and learning, particulary the later Baghdad years 1964-1968 and the first years in Leipzig 1968-1971.

Poems 1964-1968
(Late Baghdad Period)
Poems 1968-1969
(Early Leipzig Period)
Poems 1970-1979
(Main Leipzig & Berlin Period)
Poems 1980-1983
(Period of extreme confusion: San José, Berlin, Algiers)

Poems in Arabic - II

Massader (sources) - Collection - Arabic - 1992
Istijlaul Sawt fil Sakhab (Unveiling The Voice within The Noise) - Collection - Arabic - 1993
Anashidul Ruh Al-Iraqia Al-Haiema (Cantos of the Errant Iraqi Soul) - Collection - Arabic - 1993
Collection - Poems in Arabic
Iraq - I (Epical Poem) Al-Ghassani, Anwar (1992): Iraq. London/Beirut: El Rayyes Books. 94 pages. (Arabic)
Sifrul Iraq (Master Chronicle of Iraq) - Onging Collection
(Started: 1993) - Arabic

Poems in Arabic - III (Miscellaneous)

Miscellaneous Poems in Arabic

Poems in English

Collection - Poems in English
Collection - Poems in English - old collection
Collection - LVT Poems - 2004
Collection - Second Patria (Published, April 2008 by Book Surge Publishing).
Collection - Iraq - II - 2007

Poems in Spanish

Colección - Estratos Superiores (Upper Strata) - 2004
7 Poemas publicados en la Revisa Estudios - Spanish - 2003 (7 Poems published in Revista Estudios - 2003)
15 poemas presentados al
XV. Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín, Colombia - 24 de junio al 2 de julio del 2005 (15 Poems presented at the International Poetry Festival of Medellín, Colombia - June 24 -July 02, 2005)
Embellecimiento después de mi nacimiento en Ur - colección presentada al IV. Festival Internacional de Poesía - Costa Rica 2005 - 18 al 25 de junio del 2005 (Collection presented at the IV. International Poetry Festival of Costa Rica 2005 - June 18 -25, 2005)
Colección - Tardes de un robot (Afternoons of a Robot) - 2005
8 poemas (del 2003-2004)
Colección - Homenaje a América Latina - 2006
Poemas ticos - 2006
Poemas para Ana Mercedes - 2006

Poems in German

Vorteile der Wälder - May 16 - 2001
Inge in Weimar - May 29, 2001
JK - Oct. 4, 2004
Hartmut Nehring - Jan. 29, 2005
Anti-Gedicht für Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - 13 Juni 1996 – 20 Februar 2005
Sammlung - Deutsche Gedichte - 2007

Poems in Multiple Languages

Collection - Upper Strata (multiple languages) - 2004


Collection - Miscellaneous Poems
Selected Bibliography of Published works (German)
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