Re-Creation  (draft) 

Unfocussed at mute midnight, you,
within the noisy Bild,
unlike the high definition Steppenkerze
that, when the lark wakes me up within hours,
will dumbly stare at me through the window-pane.

I re-create your images and put them to work,
a rescue team, wading across my dried up sea.
But will they be dewed in the night of quarreled lovers
whose wealth is a charge of fear?

You will protest but hear nothing.
How could I utter a word while being moulded?

Perhaps you will hear me when I am assigned
to guard the word - for you …
a word, all words, all me that you unwillingly possess.

Anwar Al-Ghassani
Wuthenow, at Grothe´s home, Monday, July 12, 2004

* Bild: image, picture (German)
* Steppenkerze: Candle of the Steppe, a flower (German)