Elegy V

(for Lidia V.T.)

Though my eyes were insatiable,
your presence despaired me.
I labyrinthed in the fragrance
of your detailed existence,
incapable of maintaining my body
staring, at you.

Now, in my memory,
there is no more a high-definition presence of you,
only a cracking image,
fragments slowly centrifuging,
away into the space,
finite idea, matter infinite.

Is it you, or is it the image,
transforming to primeval form, to dust,
boomeranging my agonizingly alert memory?

Where are you, pristine being,
pulsating, augmenting my energy?
Time is bleeding away,
My eyes, insatiable as ever,
would wander, search and recover,
no images, no fragments,
but dust upon dust, forever.

Anwar Al-Ghassani
March 30, 1995
Copyright (C) 1995 by Anwar Al-Ghassani