Message to Sinan Antoon

sinan nice creative stimulating text arriving on a sunny bastard gloomy hope evoking and indeed very dark morning that will be spent without remorse capturing evasive iraq while i hit my back with chains the arms sink in water and fingers send a sos message and the eye will arrive to reduce the distance accuse and cheer up agonizing souls do not wait for the song it was sucked into the wind tunnel my deities waiting for grass to green up on the other bank of the river hated green hills presenting the dead all vertically aligned puffing purple smoke their survival kits are in the sinking boat i am still mourning your birds you caught me unaware i never suspected such pain and your birds i mean the doves were those of my father who was a fan of genuine good doves dancing in the air in a sky that has gone and never ever be retrieved for it is not about food and drink it is about heavenly games we played illusions that migrated with their objects no fear more will arrive and this is to be continued i mean the new game not mechanical doves i mean real game we are setting the stage for this is the container the script and the form do not and never try to understand fully sorry it was only an innocent comment on a message thanks sinan

Anwar Al-Ghassani
Thursday, April 24, 2003