JK - March 14, 2006
Elegie - March 21, 2006

Excitement About JK

O, man, and you talk of excitement. When I was notified that the poem will be included in poetry database, I felt the same excitement I felt back in Kirkuk when I was fifteen and used to send my texts to newspapers and magazines in Baghdad. On each day, papers and magazines arrived by train in Kirkuk early in the evening. I would go to Al-Awkaf Street where Abu Jassim, the only newspaper vendor in Kirkuk at that time, displayed his papers on the pavement near the Military Hospital. I would pick a paper and browse in it. There it is, published on the fresh paper, a short story, some text, or a translation.

That wonderful feeling of success, of being recognized was overwhelming.

In the years that followed, I published many short stories, articles and poems, but I never ever experienced the intensity of that feeling of seeing my first attempts at writing published.

On March 14, 2006, I had that same feeling again when my first poem, written directly in German (not revised by anybody), was published as you can see. This is the first time that I realize that I can write poems of some quality in German. This means a lot for me. I will certainly start to write a whole collection in German sometime soon.

But, O, where are you JK to see how much I respected, appreciated and loved you? Let all your days be blessings of light and silence wherever you may be.

Bless your soul, Abu Jassim, for you always let me browse your papers, even when I found nothing published for me and didn´t buy a paper.

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Anwar Al-Ghassani