Anwar Al-Ghassani

An Ongoing Interview With Myself
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I may also call it "My Life And Work", but I guess I better call it
"An Ongoing Interview With Myself" (that's the right title)

On your next visit you may find that this interview has grown longer and changed. This is because it is a permanent, a never ending interview. You may find changes and additions at the beginning, in the middle, at the end or at other parts of the interview.
I would recommend that you visit this section frequently to read the latest and stay updated.

(The interview contains photos, graphics and other media)
x = my interviewer, aa = myself, Anwar Al-Ghassani


Anwar Al-Ghassani

An Ongoing Interview With Myself
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

My Life And Work


If no one is interested in inteviewing you and you think you have a lot to communicate, don´t worry. Just consider that the average journalist usually messes up an interview for lack of mental spark, fine feeling and the ability to formulate quality questions. As a results, a journalist gets only bad answers to his bad questions. And you come out of the interview unhappy.
I am telling you this not as an outsider but as a journalist who has been doing and teaching journalism since decades.

Besides, media are pretty primitive creatures. They only publish what elevates their rating and helps sell advertisement. If you are a celebrity the media will be pursuing and stalking you. If you are not a celebrity you are forgotten for all times.

So, poet as celebrity?! Oh, god, how many celebrity poets do we have around? Almost none.
But to hell with the media. Why bother so much. Do it yourself, do it now. Create a fictitious interviewer "x", formulate intelligent questions and interview yourself, and while you do this never ending interview at your leisure, publish what you do each time on your website. And to hell with the media and their petrified mind and anachronic adoring of celebrities... hey you are a celebrity...didn´t you know that?


x: Are you a poet?

aa: Well, that depends very much on what you mean by being a poet. I hesitate to call myself a poet. I prefer to identify myself as someone who makes attempts at writing poetry.

x: Isn´t that gorgeous! You have been writing and publishing poetry seriously and continuously since 1988 (you have stated that somewhere) and now you come up with this horrifying statement that you are still attempting to write poetry.
Where do we go from here?

aa: To where poetry should be. That is to say, I don´t consider writing poetry a monopoly for few. It should become a mass activity. We all should write poetry. Learning how to write poetry is a lifelong undertaking. We are always attempting to write some thing we want to call poetry. Always clever disciples in the temple, disciples of a notoriously and chronically abscent master. Nothing wrong with that, I find it amusing: we write our poems, recite them or give them for reading on papers, then laugh at each, make some Spaß (in German: fun. Please not Spaß is a rich word, heavy metal; fun is too light, not really a match for archaic Spaß), then, hell, we wrap our papers and go home for a nap or siesta. In a couple of hours we will be back with fesh energy to continue the entertainment. The day is still very young... Anything wrong with that?



(To be continued ... please always come again to read the latest addition.)